Sophisticated Rebels Who Inspire

Although these are incredible women in history, anyone who has done work to benefit beyond SELF, can help us all adjust our priorities to take a part in the betterment of others no matter how trivial those acts may seem.


She's the mom who showed what parenting is all about during a riot in Baltimore.  Toya used some tough love and a healthy dose of embarrassment to teach her 16 year old son a bit about responsibility and humility.   Parents from all over the world were able to learn something from Toya that day in a video that went viral in a matter of hours.


The 18 year old pro motorcross rider that just happens to be deaf.  In what most consider a huge limitation in life, not to mention a sport of high winding machines, Ashley has never let it slow her down.  This 5' 2" ball of fire has climbed the ranks to become the fastest woman racer in the country.  Learn more about Ashley here.


The first two women to ever graduate from the Army's notoriously demanding Ranger school say they were motivated to get through the punishing 62-day course by the doors they were opening for future women.   Despite graduating, Griest and Haver are not permitted to actually join the Army Rangers, or even serve in infantry or any special operations posts — because they are women, proving once again that more walls still obstruct our women in America.  To read more --


In February 2015, Ashley Graham, a model from Nebraska made history when she appeared as the first-ever truly plus size model in an ad in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.  Read more about this incredible woman --