How can you offer top tier lipstick at only $10. What's the gimmick?

There is no gimmick or sacrifice in quality. The lip product in any top tier lipstick accounts for only 20% of its retail price. That means a $50 Tom Ford or Dior has about $10 of high grade lip color inside. We strip away their expensive packaging and sell you Just The Color for what it's really worth - $10.

How long will it take to get my Forever Lipstick?

Forever Blades ship 1-2 business days after ordering depending on if engraving is involved.  Allow 3 days for Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S. and you should get your Blade in a week.

How long will a full Forever Blade last?

It's the same amount of product that you would get in a top tier quality lipstick, so it really depends on how often you apply it.

What if something breaks?

Manufacturing defects are covered by Sophisticated Rebel.  Although the Forever Blade is mostly stainless steel, it's a heavy item and like any jewelry piece you should take caution that it is not dropped on hard surfaces.

What types of chains can I attach my Forever Blade to?

Try to always use a link chain as it is stronger and will hold the Forever Blade properly.

How do I attach my Forever Blade to a chain?

After attaching the clear C_HOOK to the chain, slide the open end onto the axle that is inside the KNOB, then rotate it 90 degrees to lock it.  Reverse the procedure to detach the Blade from a chain.  Check out the Video on this exact subject on the VIDEO page.

How do I refill my Forever Blade?

Once your lipstick runs out and you are ready to buy a Refill Cartridge, you will also want to buy a Home Refill Station.  This is a very simple device that will allow you to fill your Forever Blade in a matter of minutes.  A Video of how you will fill your Forever Blade can be seen on the VIDEO page.  If your friends also have Forever Blades, only one of you needs a refill station because you can share!

How much will the Home Refiller cost and when can I order one?

The Home Refiller will be offered for only $6.00 when you order a JUST The COLOR Refill Cartridge. They will be available to purchase before you're ready for that first refill - Late June 2015.

Can I change colors when I do a Refill?

The simple answer is YES, but the first few times you use it, the previous color will come out first.  Then it will fade to the new lip color.

Can I put my own lipstick in a Forever Blade?

No.  JUST The COLOR Lipstick is specially formulated for use with the Forever Blade's pusher mechanism. If thicker wax-based lipstick is put inside, the dispersion mechanism could be stressed and break. This would of course void the Manufacturer's guarantee.

What if I have more questions?

Go to the Contact Us Page and fill out the form. Or write us at info@so-reb.com.  Someone from Sophisticated Rebel will answer your email within 24 hours.