We understand that as a promotional product distributor & marketing organization, your clients count on your expertise to continually offer innovative solutions that differentiate them from the competition. In doing so, you often rely on your product suppliers to, not only provide consistent and reliable service, but just as important, design unique products to help your consumers stand out of the crowd and ultimately achieve increased customer retention & brand exposure. 

Keeping your end consumer in mind, our Forever Blade lip applicator (a flat, stainless steel lip applicator that can be refilled a countless number of times with our premium lipstick or lip balm formula) is designed for maximum brand recognition & exposure, as well as increased consumer retention.

Why The Forever Lipstick Blade?

*  Brand Exposure: “What Is That?!?” Factor

  • Designed to be disruptive & original, the Forever Lipstick Blade is a habitual conversation starter that will substantially increase brand exposure.
  • Designed for everyday use, the Forever Lipstick Blade will achieve maximum exposure as it is often worn on a necklace, clipped to a lanyard, or simply brought out to reapply the color or lip balm.

*  Brand Recognition: Customized / Personalized

  • The stainless steel body of the Forever  Lipstick Blade can be engraved with a logo and/or slogan to match the uniqueness of the product to that of the company.
  • The color of the plastic caps can be constumized as well to establish maximum brand recognition.

*  Consumer Retention: Refillable / Sustainable

  • Increase consumer retention & loyalty by offering incentives, such as a free refill for the Forever Lipstick Blade.
  • The surgical grade, stainless steel frame of the Forever Lipstick Blade will make certain your client’s message/logo is delivered time and time again to an infinite market. 

Why Sophisticated Rebel?

*  Entrepreneurial & Reliable

  • As a true start-up company, we dedicate 100% of our time & attention to supporting the sales of our Forever Blade.

*  Eco-Friendly

  • Through the use of our refillable applicator, it is our mission to reduce the significant amount of lipstick and lip balm applicators that continue to pile up in landfills around the globe.

 Socially Conscious

  • A portion of our profits will be applied towards our non-profit, “Rebel With A Cause”, which will grant money to charities we believe encompass the Sophisticated Rebel Spirit, a spirit that encourages challenging the status quo to help others & make a positive impact on society.   

For more information about our Forever Lipstick Blade  and how it can help expand the awareness of your own brand, please contact our Vice President of Sales, Steven Scherpenberg.

Steve Scherpenberg
Vice President of Sales



The following are a few examples on how to use Forever Blades for client retention and corporate gifts.


When a Forever Lipstick applicator is given to a customer, it is explained that they can go online to order their color and a small fill device they can use at home.  You can also offer a voucher for a free refill as a gift on their Birthday or Christmas, helping keep your name on their mind throughout the year.

Imagine this customer pulls out their new lipstick applicator and begins to use it.  People take notice, even men - and they ask - “What is that?” followed by, “Where did you get it?”  When she says, “My Realtor gave it to me when we bought our house last month,” you’re now the Realtor that offers something unique.  Gift baskets don't usually make great conversation starters.

While your logo is engraved on one side, you can also have your customers' names engraved on the other side.  Your clients can also take their Forever applicator to a Things Remembered and have it engraved with whatever the can imagine.


 Car Dealerships:

When a Forever Lipstick applicator is given to a customer, it is explained that they can come back to the dealership to get their lipstick refilled or they can go online to order their refill cartridges and a small fill device they can use at home.  You could offer the refills for free to ensure that they come back to your dealership to get her Forever Applicator refilled.  Depending on how much she uses it, the color will eventually run out. This would mean your customers would be coming into your dealership several times a year, seeing the new cars and keeping your dealership in the forefront of their minds.

Imagine a girl at lunch pulls out her new  Flat lipstick and begins to use it.  Their friends ask, “What is that?” followed by, “Where did you get it?”  When she says, “It was a gift from my car dealer when I bought my car,” the friends instantly want to know, “what car dealership?" and it's right there on the side.  You’re now the dealership that offers something unique and gets talked about a lot!


Forever Lipstick Applicators, engraved with the airline's logo will follow your employees and passengers off the plane and into endless conversations that will connect the uniqueness of the product to the uniqueness of the airline that provided them. Since the applicator is made of surgical-grade, stainless steel & can be refilled a countless number of times, a one-time gift or purchase will reach a substantially larger audience than most promotional items.