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A short conversation with partners Kasten and Frank

KASTEN:  Let me get this out right now - I love lipstick.  I've been a fanatical collector since my professional wind surfing days, but I couldn't afford the brands with the best ingredients - the ones that would heal my lips instead of turning them into prunes.   So I started researching lipstick and discovered that even the best ingredients account for only 20% of the lipstick's cost.  The rest is fancy packaging to justify that heart stopping price.  I started making my own lip color using the same top tier ingredients and since it was just the raw lip product, it cost a fraction of the luxury brand.  Perfect!  But how would I apply it?  If I added an expensive luxury applicator I'd be right back where I started.  I was stumped until I met Frank.

FRANK:  When Kasten and I first met, I was toying around with a Swiss Army Knife concept for women.  Kasten flipped over the art I had done for one of the metal "Blades."  

KASTEN:  It was the perfect applicator design for this lipstick I was working on that used 40% less wax.

FRANK:  This girl mixes her own Lipstick formulas!  Crazy --

KASTEN:  This guy builds his own CNC machines - engravers -- sock fillers.... NUTS.

FRANK:   We joined forces and started a company to realize Kasten's obsession: How to get girls the very best lip product for a drugstore price:   

KASTEN:   We took a cue from the printer world where they put the ink into a small cartridge.   That's what made that entire industry work.  Imagine throwing away an entire printer when it ran out of color.

FRANK:    But that's exactly what a girl does with her cosmetics - even with luxury lipstick.  When it's depleted, it usually ends up in a landfill.  So we copied the idea and put Kasten's Lip Color into simple cartridges that are recycled 100% through our company.   Landfills hate us.

 KASTEN:  --  Frank designed the cartridge to mate with his Applicator, which we made from surgical grade stainless steel so a girl would only have to buy it once.

FRANK:   And when it was empty she could simply refill it with the best quality lipstick on the planet for only $10.   

KASTEN:   We named the lipstick line JUST the COLOR.  

FRANK:   And the applicator The Forever Blade.

KASTEN/FRANK:  We think you'll like it.  

JUST the COLOR  Refill Cartridges and the Forever Applicator "Blade."   The Forever Personal Home "Blade" Refiller  (available mid July)

"Just the Color - Please!"