How Custom Engraving Brought Comfort to a Grieving Widow

One of our first customers and biggest supporters is a wonderful lady named Lauralee Finke (she also happens to be my cousin-in-law).  Earlier this year, her ailing father’s health took a turn for the worse and it was evident that he only had a few days to live.  Lauralee rushed to the hospital in Nevada to be by his side with the rest of her family.

At one point Lauralee took out her Forever Blade and began to apply her lipstick… her stepmom quickly asked, “what is that?”  Lauralee explained that it was a stainless steel, refillable lipstick applicator that Andreas’s (her late husband) cousin (me) invented.  She explained that it was flat so it fit in her pocket and that she had the company engrave her name on the side.   Her stepmom loved it and commented that she wanted to order one for herself.    Lauralee figured she would be too busy dealing with the loss of her husband to order a blade and had planned to order it for her as a Birthday gift.

Well within a few weeks we (Sophisticated Rebel) got an order from the stepmom (Michelle).  I didn’t know anything about what had happened in the hospital, so I reached out to Lauralee and told her that her stepmom had just ordered a Forever Blade.  I mentioned that Michelle didn’t order any engraving and asked if there was a special nickname her dad had for Michelle that I could engrave on it for her?   Lauralee told me how her Dad would always greet Michelle by saying “Hellllllllooooo Baaaaaaaabbbyy” …  so that was what I engraved on her applicator!! Before shipping out the order, I wrote Michelle a note explaining how I knew what to engrave and that I hoped that every time she applied her lipstick, that she thought about her late husband (John) giving her a kiss.

I later heard that when Michelle received her order, she was speechless over the engraving and note.  Although she said it made her cry every time she looked at it, she assured me they were tears of joy and that it made her feel as though her husband was right there with her every time she put on her lipstick.    She is THRILLED that it is refillable, because she takes it with her every where she goes and says she will cherish it until the day she meets the love of her life in Heaven.

Custom engraving does more than make each Forever Blade personal and unique… it has the power to keep the memory of a loved one alive, to help  a sweetie express how much they feel about their significant other , or to have a motivational or inspiration message close by as a reminder…  It has the power to do any or all of these things every time someone applies their lipstick!!

What would you have engraved on your Forever Blade??

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